J.Ovanni - Singer | Writer | Producer | Model | Actor

J.Ovanni commands the stage with a synergy of a to-die for vocal range and dance moves that rival the best in the business. He has been showcased with a live band throughout California, New York, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Georgia, DC and more. His video for “Criminal Love” has been viewed over 685,000times on YouTube. Through the latest social media avenues we make sure that his name and music are being heard by as many listeners as possible. He has already been noted for the unique style that he brings to the Pop/R&B scene and his popularity is growing daily.

This fresh new face provides crossover appeal to the masses. The smooth tones, contagious smile, energy and passion of J.Ovanni will inspire you to appreciate music once again. Since he was young, music has always been an essential part of his world. “I started singing when I was five but it really wasn’t until about three or four years ago I realized I have a passion for performing great music,” says the native Californian who grew up in Chino Hills. As his passion for music enveloped his life, J.Ovanni committed to a career as an entertainer finding inspiration from legendary artists including Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Michael Jackson, Usher and Craig David.

As his confidence grew and his style developed, he surrounded himself with a team of dedicated individuals who truly believe he will be the next global superstar. His determination, dedication and attention-to detail make him a true artist. He spends countless hours studying and researching every detail about the music industry and how to become the ultimate artist. He is honing his songwriting skills and focused on developing the total package. He is primed to be a solid force in music for many years to come. J.Ovanni is filled with a special gift and he has so much amazing music in him to share with the world. You can look forward to following the unique journey of this flawless young artist who is destined to be the star of tomorrow. We are on the ground floor and have the ability to turn the key on an engine that won’t stop running once it leaves the gate. Sit back and enjoy the ride let your ears be the deciding factor.